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Preparing for party {Dia de los Muertos}

Dia de los Muertos What is this – you say? Dia de los Muertos is Spanish for The Day of the Dead, which is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico and around  the world in other cultures. During this holiday love ones gather together and remember family...
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Just a little something I whipped up

Good morning everyone! Sorry for the lack of post I’ve been busy getting the boys ready for school, packing our trip back home and of course working ( which has been a terrible week, but that’s another post). Here’s a little snapshot of what else...
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Party Girl: {Part 2}

Some people call me mommie, some call me Martha, let’s just call me crafty! I love this little lady bug party set,  It’s something about red, black and white that always catches my eye! Also it’s still not too late to participate in PM’s focus...
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