BeGood organically with the Clarion Tee

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by BeGood Clothing but all opinions are my own. BeGood Clothing has thought of an awesome concept to providing high quality clothing all while preserving this wonderful world we live with their efforts to remove as many toxic and unnatural processes as possible. Their main focus is their production process by starting with fabrics that… Read More

Father’s Day Gift Ideas {Etsy Edition}

Father’s Day is right around the corner so this week will be full of inspiration to help celebrate that special Papa in your life. Last week I shared with you some ideas on how to use photography to make an unique gift for your man and this week I’m sharing with you my love of  handmade products by showcasing some… Read More

That’s Fresh! Friday Bindis Trend

Back again with another That’s Fresh! Friday This week it’s all about a trend that originated from India–the Bindis. Bindis are worn by Indian women for centuries as part of their Hinduism culture. A bindi, meaning ” a drop” is a forehead decoration worn in the center close to your eyebrows.  This area is said to be the sixth chakra ajna, the… Read More

I Spy something Fly {printed leggings}

Who’s loving the printed leggings right now? I know I am.  I’m really not a tights/leggings kind of chick but “printed leggings” are a little different. There are sooooo many designs and prints out there to choose from and just by pairing them with different pieces can give you tons of fun & creative outfits! Here are my two favorites  {via}… Read More

That’s Fresh Friday {BLM love}

Ok so it’s Friday– well not really– right now it’s 11:23 Thursday night but ya know– that makes no difference because it’s Don’t know what that is– no biggie– go check out the deets here. Get caught up and then head back over…….. take your time……… ready? Ok. So this Friday I’m sharing with you lovely readers the BLM girls—… Read More

I Spy something Fly {men’s suspenders}

Women rocking men’s suspenders -hot! Men rocking men’s suspenders– even hotter! Suspenders use to be linked to being a nerd or unfashionable but some smart person brought them back into the fashion scene and I’m so glad Look at this Source: via Amy on Pinterest   Is this not sexy or what? Another one? Source: via Gavin on… Read More