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12 DIY kid’s Halloween Costumes

Halloween is all about the costumes. I personally think that diy kid’s Halloween costumes are the best! Even if they don’t look exactly the way they are suppose to be, it still works out.

For the last couple of years my kids haven’t really dressed up so I haven’t been able to work my diy magic but this year they caught the Halloween bug and really want to dress up!

So of course I had to stock the web for a little inspiration, I swear some of these make me want to dress up myself!

diy kid's halloween costumes

1. White Rabbit

diy halloween costumes 8

2. Popcorn

diy halloween costumes 11

3. Hangman

diy halloween costumes 6

4. Pinata

diy halloween costumes 4

5. Candy Crush

alph mom

6. Alien Encounter

diy halloween costumes 2

7. Cupcake

diy halloween costomes 3

8. Carl from Up

diy halloween costumes 7

9. Washer & Dryer

diy halloween costumes 5

10. Robot

diy halloween costumes 1

11. Character from Willie Wonka

diy halloween costumes 10

12. Angry Bird Family

diy halloween costumes 9

I have to say this is my favorite! Being that we are a family of 6 as well, I think this would be perfect for us!

Now it’s all about convincing the hubs to dress up and to trust my diy skills.

What is your family going to be for Halloween?


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  • FashionDuJour

    oooh! These are really great ideas! I love that none of them are really scary. Thanks for sharing! {found you through Bloggers Like Me!}

    • http://www.prototypemama.com/ Prototype Mama

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Dominique Goh

    Lovely halloween costumes. Which one will you be making this year?

    • http://www.prototypemama.com/ Prototype Mama

      I think I will TRY to do the Angry Bird family with my boys— crossing my fingers

  • mapam30

    I really like the UP and the Alien Encounter =)

  • Joy

    Oh, my gosh, Chene, these are incredible!! I do NOT have that kind of imagination, so thank goodness you gathered all of these for us to browse through!! The washer and dryer…the alien encounter…the white rabbit…they’re all so cute! Thanks!!

    Love, Joy

  • J Shallow-Miller

    So many cute ideas. I just pinned the stick figure one last night!

  • vinma

    Oh my gosh! This is just what I need now.. I had no idea about the costumes for this year and your post definitely put me out of my misery. Thanks so much :) I love the pinata by the way :)

  • Andrea

    I love the popcorn one. Makes me wish I still had one young enough to pull that off. Happy Halloween!

  • Kareen Liez

    Super cute! That baby with popcorn is so adorable! I love the angry birds family costume too!

  • Kita kokoamag.com

    The up and popcorn one is so cute I love it. My kids just put on a shirt I buy and we do that I don’t normally do the costume thing at all.

  • Lexie Lane

    I always think those DIY costumes are more fun than the ones you buy at the store. The creativity just shows! These are fantastic!

  • http://www.krystalskitsch.com/ Krystal

    I’ve never seen some of these before! The washer and dryer combo is pretty adorable.

  • Desiree Penton Marshall

    Oh my goodness! All of these are just too stinking cute! Being a former Movie theater manager, I really like the popcorn one! Adorable!!!!!

  • Barb W.

    Oh my goodness, I love the popcorn baby! Adorable! These are all such cute and clever ideas. Thanks for the inspiration! I absolutely need to get on the ball and get something going for my children’s costumes.

  • http://www.thespeckledpalate.com/ Erin

    I love all this Halloween costume talk, and I saw an image of a couple dressed as the White Rabbit and Alice, and I thought that was fabulous. While I probably can’t convince my husband to dress up with me for trick-or-treaters since we don’t have kids of our own just yet, I still think it would be fun!

  • http://www.mommyroxi.com Roxi Santiago

    The popcorn baby is the best! The candy crush one is the easiest to make. If only my son can still fit in his carrier would totally do the popcorn bit ;D

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